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Chanel Iman's Glamorous Updo

THE STYLE A curly, asymmetrical coif that's tucked up in back and falling down in front

WHERE A Victoria's Secret Valentine's Day promotion in Toronto

WHY WE LOVE IT Model Chanel Iman caught our attention with her rosy cheeks, vampy lashes, and shiny red lips. But it was her soft but structured updo that completed the look. One part Old Hollywood glamour, one part modern It Girl, and 100 percent gorgeous. 
 Nicole Kidman's Long, Loose Layers
THE STYLE Below-the-chest strands with subtle, easy layers

WHERE The Just Go With It premiere in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT A hairstyle doesn't have to be overworked to be downright gorgeous. Take Nicole Kidman's fluffy, un-fussed over look. Gentle bends around the face draw attention to her smile; touchable texture feels soft and approachable. 

 Hayden Panettiere's Swept Back Strands

THE STYLE Slick sides and sleek but soft pushed-back strands

WHERE The GQ, Cadillace, Lacoste and Patron Celebration of the Coolest Athletes and the Big Game in Dallas

WHY WE LOVE IT Hayden Panettiere's overgrown pixie is one of our favorite short cuts in Hollywood right now. The effortless, touchable texture keeps the exaggerated volume on top from feeling overdone. 

Kim Kardashian's Skinny Headband

THE STYLE A thin, nude headband topping off a high, messy updo

WHERE Launching her jewelery collection Belle Noel in West Hollywood

WHY WE LOVE IT There's just something romantic about a skinny headband, especially if you're Kim Kardashian and it's holding back a riotous mane of hair. The contrast of the headband's peachy tone against her deep espresso hair adds just the right amount of definition. 
 Jennifer Lopez's Voluminous Mane

THE STYLE Long, blown-out strands with tons of lift

WHERE A Gilette Venus event in New York City

WHAT SHE SAID "There’s two different ways I feel very beautiful and sexy," Jennifer Lopez told us at the event. "This first is a long big mane, like this. I’m a Leo, so I need my mane. But I also love the opposite, which is my hair pulled really tight and off my face. That probably represents the two sides of me." 
 Minka Kelly's Soft Layers

THE STYLE Long gradual layers with subtle bend at the ends

WHERE A NYLON magazine party in New York City

WHY WE LOVE IT Minka Kelly's touchable style, created by Mark Townsend, reminded us of a simple truth: No matter how good your haircut is, if your hair isn't styled well, no one will know. If you've got long layers—and most of us do—rather than blowing them out pin-straight, take a few extra minutes to add a slight curl on the ends. It flatters your face and gives a simple style welcome movement. 
 Gillian Jacobs's Brushed-Out Curls

THE STYLE Loose, combed-through curls swept back from the forehead

WHERE The Entertainment Weekly 2011 Pre-SAG Party in Los Angeles

WHY WE LOVE IT Community star Gillian Jacobs and her hairstylist Marcus Francis reminded us of a simple way to boost volume: Rather than parting your hair, push it straight back. Volume icons like Veruschka and Brigitte Bardot kept this trick near and dear—try it the next time your strands fall a bit flat. (A blast of hairspray will help your hair stay put.) 
 Dianna Agron's Knotty Bun

THE STYLE A low, messy twist and graphic, sideswept bangs

WHERE The 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

INSIDE SCOOP "For Dianna Agron's look, we merged vintage and modern by doing a double knot in the back and sweeping the bangs to one side. That way, you get a glimpse of the effortlessly undone 'do from every angle,” said Suave Professionals hairstylist Jenny Cho. To literally knot Agron's strands, Cho split the hair down the center in two sections. "Tie the two sections like you're tying a bow and secure with pins. Then make another knot right under the first, and secure with more pins. Leave the ends out to give it the undone finish," she advises. 
[Source : InStyle]

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