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Free Advertising Space (lower portion of page)

Size : 250 x 100 (other reasonable sizes may be considered)
Status : Available

Paid Advertising Space (sidebar directly below blog posts)

Size: 350 x 100
RM 15.00 per month
Status : Available

Kindly e-mail to enquire further on special discounts.

Terms and Conditions

- Full payment is to be made in advance, BEFORE booking is confirmed and advertisement is displayed. 
- The advertising arrangement will operate on a first come, first served basis. 
- Rates are subject to change but shall not affect rates of existing advertising arrangements.  
- The size of your advertisement must fit specified spaces. Advertisements which are sized inaccurately will be shrunk to size appropriately. There are only 2 standard sizes of ads (refer above). 
- Design, wording, colour, shape, banner, etc is completely up to you, as long as it in JPEG format but if you wish to advertise using a GIF image, please provide the html code.
- Refunds made to back out advertisers for advertising arrangement entered into are completely the discretion of velours mag.

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