2011 Beauty Trends Guide

On » Sunday, February 20, 2011 //

Swap autumn/winter looks for these big new spring/summer 2011 beauty trends 

DELETE - Tawny, earth-toned blush, eye and lip colours.

AS SEEN AT - Christian Dior autumn/winter 2010-11. 

SWAP FOR - A sun-kissed Seventies glow.

INSPIRED BY - Michael Kors spring/summer 2011.

 DELETE - Deep berry lip shades.

AS SEEN AT - Proenza Schouler autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Perfectly painted red lips.

INSPIRED BY - Freja Beha Erichsen at Gucci spring/summer 2011.

DELETE - Heavily kohl-rimmed eyes.

AS SEEN AT - Gucci autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Bright pastel eyeshadow colours with a chalky finish.

INSPIRED BY - Derek Lam spring/summer 2011.

 DELETE - Grungy, wet-look hair.

AS SEEN AT - Vera Wang autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Big, blown-out Seventies frizz.

INSPIRED BY - Marc by Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2011.

DELETE - Understated, minimalist skin.

AS SEEN AT - Matthew Williamson autumn/winter 2010-11.

SWAP FOR - Beautifully natural skin that really glows.

INSPIRED BY - Lindsey Wixson at Versace for spring/summer 2011.

DELETE - Squoval (square and oval) nail shapes painted in dark colours with a matte finish.

AS SEEN AT - Rag&Bone autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Perfectly manicured, loval (long and oval) nail shapes lacquered in an eye-popping colour.

INSPIRED BY - Christian Dior spring/summer 2011.

 DELETE - Defiantly bold and bushy eyebrows.

AS SEEN AT - Prada autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Strong but groomed brows.

INSPIRED BY - Vera Wang spring/summer 2011.

 DELETE - Sleek, perfect ponytails.

AS SEEN AT - Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Soft, feminine hair rolls with a carefree, flyaway texture.

INSPIRED BY - Donna Karan spring/summer 2011.

DELETE - Alice bands.

AS SEEN AT - Erdem autumn/winter 2010-11.

 SWAP FOR - Chunky, decorative hair barrettes.

INSPIRED BY - Rodarte spring/summer 2011.

[Source : VOGUE.com]

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