Embroidered tights : Classy and elegant, rock and roll and sexy

On » Monday, February 7, 2011 //
Why go with boring old opaque stocking when there are so many inventive and unexpected lace stockings options now available to choose from. Lace is a great middle ground alternative between going bare legged and wearing thick hosiery.

And unlike color block stockings or patterned leggings, lace stockings have a femininity about them. A femininity that can just as easily go classy and elegant as it can go rock and roll or sexy.

If you are a newbie to wearing lace then try something mild. Perhaps black stockings with just a lace insert down the outside of the leg or chose a single motif in a larger pattern. You can progress from there to more elaborate designs that incorporated different patterns in the same stockings or maybe go for a pair that have some crystal embellishments or a bit of color.

But it is always important to remember that lace stockings add texture to an ensemble so unless you are purposely going for a “OTT” look then keep the rest of your ensemble simple.

Lace stockings work particularly well when worn under a pair of denim shorts, for example,  or with a monochrome mini dress. Now granted they might not be the most practical alternative when the temperature drops below freezing.... but it’s a brand new year so I say go for it!

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