7 Ways to Look Cosy Chic

On » Monday, January 3, 2011 //

Living in a country where there's no winter? 
Well then take advantage of the rainy season to rock these layered looks.

Cuff Your Jeans

When the temps turn freezing, nothing sounds more appealing than putting on your favorite pair of jeans and an ultra-long grandpa cardigan. Avoid looking dowdy by cuffing your denim like Joy Bryant—the rolled-up hem slims the cut of the jeans, balancing out the cardigan's bulk. Bonus: You get to show off your favorite winter boots! 

Pair Sleek Accessories With Skinny Jeans

Keep your bundled-up top half in check with a skinny jeans/sharp accessories combo. The slim leg will balance out a heavy coat, and patent accessories, like Cameron Diaz's, will keep the look sleek, not frumpy. 

Slim Your Silhouette With Leggings

Your favorite roomy wrap sweater needs only one thing to go from couch to street—leggings! The stretchy (hence comfy) pant creates a slender bottom half, balancing out your sweater's bulk. Add a waist-defining belt and leg-lengthening platforms like Rihanna for a chic, cold-proof look! 

Pile on the Thin Knits

When it comes to your favorite sweaters, choosing only one is never easy—so why torture yourself? Wear them all! The trick is avoiding chunky knits and opting for thinner sweaters and cardigans that layer easily, without adding bulk. Take a cue from Milla Jovovich and choose knits in the same color family to keep your picks from looking random. 

Wear Soft and Flowy With Warm and Wooly

Don't shun your entire warm-weather wardrobe: Silk and chiffon dresses can be perfect with wool sweaters and heavy coats—their flowy silhouette keeps bulkier pieces from overwhelming an outfit, plus they showcase your legs! The trick is to choose lightweight skirts and dresses in seasonless colors like Diane Kruger's black and white printed version, making it anyone's guess when you bought it! 

Trade Your Coat for a Cape

Sick of wearing your huge winter coat day in and day out? Change things up with a sleek cape for almost as much warmth, but a lot less fabric. Get a fresh, preppy look like Natalie Portman by pairing wide-leg jeans and a printed scarf with a nautical-inspired cape. 

Trade Up With a Fedora

Swap your chunky beanie or oversize trapper hat for a sleek fedora like style setter Sienna Miller. The streamlined silhouette keeps your ears warm (promise!) and avoids the bulk of a wooly scarf, glove and hat set. 
[Source : InStyle]

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