13 trends launched by Sex and the City

On » Thursday, January 6, 2011 //

Trendsetter : Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

 Nameplate necklaces
Originally made famous by rappers in the 80s, wearing your name around your neck made a comeback thanks to the famous ‘Carrie’ necklace. Worn by SJP throughout the series, this sentimental piece of jewellery made a special guest appearance in the last episode of the TV show.

Manolo Blahniks
She adores Jimmy Choo, she worships Christian Louboutin, but Carrie’s real love is Manolo Blahnik shoes. He even especially designed the symbolic blue tootsie-wrappers for the movie! SJP said: “I love what Manolo made for the movie. It’s a beautiful shoe.”

Flower corsages
Once worn only for high school proms, now worn by everyone thanks to the lovely Carrie Bradshaw.

Mix vintage with designer
Carrie taught us to match cheap vintage finds with designer pieces. Result? Oh so fabulous.

Underwear as outerwear
Stylish Bradshaw rocked the “visible” black bra look throughout the SATC shows and always made it sexy.

Mickey Mouse tees
The only thing more memorable than the ‘post-it’ note in the whole Berger debacle was the Mickey Mouse tee Carrie wore on one of their dates. Is there ANYTHING she can’t pull off?

While most of us probably won't feel comfortable walking down the street wearing one, Carrie managed to make her tutu look great in the opening credits of the show, no?

Long pearl necklace
In the SATC movie, Carrie showed us you can pretty much wear a pearl necklace (more specifically, an 80cm Mikimoto one) with anything, including your nighties!

Birkin bags
In season four of the show, Samantha cheekily used Lucy Liu as a way to get her hands on a rare red Hermes Birkin bag. Quote: “It’s not a bag! It’s a f***ing Birkin!”

We all took off to the nearest bar asking for Cosmos after watching Carrie et al casually sipping them at the trendiest NYC spots.

Whether it’s Carrie’s sparkly cap from Paris or Samantha’s massive sunhat, the girls taught us that not everybody looks ridiculous with something on their head.

French chic
When Carrie first stepped (Manolo-clad) feet in Paris wearing navy-and-white stripes and a beret, we thought she was going a bit ‘ooh la la’! But within a week, we were doing the same.

Girl's brunch
We’ll never get bored of gossiping over brunch ‘n’ lunch with the girls after seeing Samantha talk sex, Miranda talk motherhood, Charlotte talk manners and Carrie talk Big over salads and pasta.

[Source : CLEO Australia]

3 Response to "13 trends launched by Sex and the City"

Anonymous Says:

I always loved the name necklaces that carrie wore. I got mine from a site that has the most accurate replica of the original- http://www.mynamenecklace.com/?smt=411364

Shauna R. Says:

me too. i'm thinking of getting one for myself :)

Carrie Says:

I love my authentic Carrie name necklace! I shopped around and found that wow-imports.com had the widest selection best prices and free shipping. Having the name Carrie makes it all that more fun!

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