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It takes more than a great voice to notch up a great performance. The perfect cocktail for a memorable show needs a splash of style pizzazz, a dash of the outrageous and that all-important twist of creativity. From vintage chic and girly glam to quirky 'n' cool to the plain insane, we've selected the pop stars who truly know how to light up the stage. 

Roisin Murphy
Songstress Roisin Murphy is known for her avant-garde approach to fashion. The edgy Irish redhead is a firm fixture in the front row during fashion weeks and constantly snapped with the world's top designers. But a tutu-inspired blazer? A little too futuristic, perhaps. 

 Taylor Swift
Bringing glamour to country music circuit, angelic Taylor dresses for her performances as others would for the red carpet. No heel is too high or dress to glitzy for this one.

 Florence Welsh 
Florence has the (very) rare ability to make almost anything look, well, pretty damn stylish. Let's face it, not many of us can get away with rocking our grandmother's wedding dress on stage.

Remember the days when Rhi-Rhi's wardrobe only consisted of cropped tops, baggy jeans and high tops? Well she's come in leaps and bound on the fashion front since her early days. Sure she's had her fair share of dubious looks (remember the Prince quiff phase) but we love her feisty approach to changing her look.

Taylor Momsen 
Okay, so Taylor's look isn't one of our favourites when it comes to style. But you have to give it to the girl, she makes every day a Halloween dress-up and that takes, er, a grim determination. What happened to the sugar and spice look of Jenny Humphreys? Dead and buried it seems!

 Lily Allen 
With prom dresses and trainers safely stashed away, Lily has transformed her stage look from irksome to inspiring. So much so, she's metamorphosised into the butterfly that is Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel muse. Not only can Lily rock lingerie as "real" clothes but she makes face paints seem do-able for a night out. Dangerous.

 Sarah Blasko
Queen of vintage chic, Sarah makes brogues as elegant on the red carpet as a pair of teetering heels. She may have a penchant for black but her outfits are always far from dull!

 Lady Gaga
Gaga by name and gaga by nature, well, if her outfits are anything to go by, that is. Her outrageous but insanely creative get-ups have made her a household name. Who needs Balenciaga when you can wear the butcher's best cuts to a party?

 Christina Aguilera
Oh, Xtina and her eye-catching attire. From those chaps to plunging necklines, it seems less is often more for this star. While we may not want to mimic many of her looks (tangerine skin anyone?) but she gets points for her 24/7 approach to grooming.

Paloma Faith
Who dresses for the Notting Hill Carnival 365 days of the year? Yep, you got it, the quirky Brit Paloma Faith. We can pretty much guarantee this girl doesn't own a pair of jeans or Converse sneakers but with a wardrobe that must resemble a fancy dress shop, who cares!

[Source : CLEO Australia]

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